Empowering Future Generations

We Inspire, Skill and Mobilise young people to enable them to live brighter futures. 

We are a charity that believes everyone has potential waiting to be unlocked. We’re guided by the belief that equal access to an enriched, enterprising education has the power to unlock that potential. That by equipping young people with essential, transferable enterprise skills and developing an entrepreneurial approach, they will have the ability to create better life chances for themselves. And become catalysts for positive change in their communities.

The Foundation is a charity, founded in 2006 and part funded by Sir Rod Aldridge OBE, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. The charity focuses on creating positive, sustainable social and economic impact by putting enterprise skills and an entrepreneurial mind-set at the heart of young people’s education.

We believe that by developing enterprise skills in young people, they will be more able to achieve academic success and will be better prepared for life beyond school.

Making a difference

We are levelling the education playing field, supporting 7000 students in Aldridge schools in some of the most deprived communities in London, the North West and South East.

Initially our focus is on using our privileged access to our schools to develop and pilot programmes in order to build a proven and scalable model. This can then be used to inform and influence education policy and funding to benefit wider schools and reach more young people.

All of our schools are based in some of the most deprived areas of the UK and we are committed to working with these schools where we know we’ll make a big impact. Through supporting young people to increase personal academic progress and results, develop life and enterprise skills and go on to quality destinations in further education and work, we hope that families and the local communities surround the schools will also benefit from the wider social & economic benefits created.

Since launching in 2016, we have made significant steps in our schools and communities:

1. Facilities: investing £12m to secure £300m funding to build better facilities

2. Teaching: establishing a Multi-Academy Trust, Aldridge Education, to support academic progress

We are now focusing on Stage 3 of the journey:

3: Enrichment: experiences and activity to activate ambition, develop core life skills, which we call the Aldridge Attributes and provide equal access to further education and employability.

We are inspiring, skilling and mobilising young people to become bold, independent thinkers capable of creating their own pathways and taking confident steps to achieve their life ambitions. Read more about our programmes here.

It is our objective and expectation that these aims are achieved alongside improving academic outcomes. We believe that young people are best served by developing their enterprise skills in addition to academic success.

These pillars have become the strategic priorities with which the Foundation moves into the future. We have come a long way and made significant investments into our unique approach and, most importantly, transformed the lives of people in vulnerable communities across the country. But there is still much more to do.