Our Vision, Goal and Beliefs

The Aldridge Foundation is a charity that supports social change and community regeneration. In our charitable work we focus on supporting the communities where Aldridge Education (the Trust responsible for the performance of Aldridge schools) and Aldridge Wealth (which specialises in enabling ambitious entrepreneurs to accelerate their business growth) operate.

We create social change and community regeneration opportunities through entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education to help young people to reach their potential and improve their communities.

Our Vision

Is that, by creating opportunities and experiences for students and for members of the communities in which we work, those communities will benefit from increased social mobility, increased life chances and increased economic growth.

Our Mission

Is to use entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education to give opportunity and support transformation to communities in which we work.

Our Belief

Is that by introducing young people to, and helping develop in them, the core attributes of entrepreneurship, we can provide context and relevance to their learning and help them develop creativity, resilience, determination and self-reliance. These characteristics lead to the acquisition of further vital skills for adult life.

Our Conviction Is That …

  • An entrepreneurial mind-set gives people the life skills to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve
  • A good education gives people skills and qualifications, and it instils confidence, along with preparing young people for the challenges of life
  • Everyone has the right to expect an exciting, engaging and relevant education, regardless of who they are, or where they live
  • Effective education sits at the heart of strong communities. We support schools to support community transformation.