The Foundation is focused on raising young people’s aspirations and equipping them with the enterprise skills that will better prepare them to lead the rewarding, productive lives they choose.

We have three programmes to Inspire, Skill & Mobilise young people, particularly those from disadvantaged communities in the UK. An important part of our Inspire programme aims to not only too raise students’ ambitions but also to widen their experience and view of the world.

AfriDACA is an Inspire Opening Eyes project that not only seeks to raise aspirations but also encourages development of enterprise skills.

Now in its fourth year, the programme allows sixth-form students from Darwen Aldridge Community Academy to go beyond their immediate environment and experience and develop core life skills during an inspiring trip in Uganda.

The students can not only explore a culture very different to their own, but through teaching they improve the educational outcomes and quality of life for the children of the Acholi tribe. Support from the Foundation helps subsidise the costs for the school and students, and contribute towards
sustainable educational materials for the Acholi children. The impact of the programme can be seen from the feedback comments from the students who took part.

“Overall, I’d say coming to Uganda has been a life changing experience. I’ve learnt some huge life lessons and most
importantly not to take the small things like a working toilet for granted. The things I’ve seen whilst being out here have changed my perspective on life. Seeing people much worse off than me has enabled me to open my eyes to things that I need to change within my lifestyle.”
DACA Student Courtney

You can view our Impact Report on this programme here.