Every year in November, Aldridge schools and colleges participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). Each school and college approaches GEW differently, organising a range of activities from inspirational assemblies, sessions built in to the curriculum and after school clubs, and more intensively through drop down days, with the purpose of building on and providing a deeper understanding and development of key enterprise skills.

As a central focus for GEW, the Foundation launched a school-wide action learning challenge designed to build enterprise skills. The challenge’s theme was: ‘to explore new ways to live healthily in school and in the local community.’ Schools were provided with resources to help facilitate a range of workshops that encouraged students to consider and research a solution to a local problem but one common to communities worldwide. They designed a product, service or campaign to address the problem and presented their concepts.

Schools judged entries at a local level and each selected three shortlisted teams for judging at an inter-academy level, by a panel of entrepreneurs. All short-listed teams received valuable individual feedback and advice from the entrepreneurs. The three overall winning teams were awarded with a unique visit to a shared workspace in London, home to 50 entrepreneurial start-ups focused on sustainable development, a celebratory lunch and visit to the London Dungeon.