Creative Works Experience: Q+A with Dayna from Duke’s

Date: August 30th 2019

This summer, Dayna, a Year 10 Student from Duke’s Aldridge Academy, undertook a work experience placement at Radley Yeldar, an award-winning creative consultancy based in London and Birmingham. The placement was for one week, and we were lucky enough to catch up with her and hear about what she was enjoying most about the inspiring experience!


Aldridge Foundation: How have you found your work experience placement at Radley Yeldar?

Dayna: It has been a busy and exciting week – each day has been different and you never know what you’ll be working on. I have really enjoyed myself.

AF: Which 3 words would you use to sum up your experience:

D: Exciting, interesting and different.

AF: Which Aldridge Attributes have you used or developed the most?

D: Passion – because usually when I’m working on something that doesn’t go my way, I’ll lose interest and give up. However as I am passionate about design and have been able to utilise my art and ICT skills, I have carried on even when I have found tasks challenging.

AF: How has your work placement influenced your thinking around work and your future career plans?

D: I always knew that I liked designing and making things but having the opportunity to work on an advertising campaign for a hypothetical business, and having the freedom to be creative, has confirmed that this is definitely a career I’d like to get in to when I am older. I would love to do an apprenticeship at Radley Yeldar in the future if there was the opportunity to do so.

AF: What lessons have you learnt that you would share with other students about to go on work experience?

D: Punctuality! It is important to always be on time. Also, to always ask questions if I don’t understand something and to keep working on a task even if it is challenging.

AF: What have you enjoyed most this week?

D: Using Photoshop – I have really improved my skills and feel much more confident using the programme.I also  had the opportunity to go on a shoot, and it was really interesting to be behind the scenes and see how all the kit was set up.

AF: Thanks so much for your time Dayna! 


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