Monday 13th November marked the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week, a worldwide event which Aldridge students, staff and our current and aspiring entrepreneurs from around the country participated in. They took part in activities designed to boost their skills in the Aldridge attributes: problem-solving, creativity, risk-taking, determination, passion and teamwork.

Beki Martin, CEO of the Aldridge Foundation, said “Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration of enterprise skill development and entrepreneurial activities. These happen every week at Aldridge academies and colleges.

Whether students have undertaken activities to develop their enterprise skills, started a new business initiative, or had the opportunity to meet and learn from successful entrepreneurs, these experiences will help them achieve in their academic studies and careers.”

Obliteration Room – Fundraising through Interactive Art

Students at Darwen and Brighton Aldridge Community Academies were inspired by the work of the renowned artist Yayoi Kusama and built their own ‘Obliteration Rooms’ – an entirely white space, complete with entirely white furnishings, created so that visitors can ‘obliterate’ it, with multi-coloured stickers.

The DACA students came up with the idea of using the activity to also raise money, by selling the multi-coloured dots to those who wanted to help ‘obliterate’ the room, and asking the students to write thoughtful messages on the spots they purchased. The money raised went towards Children in Need and the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy which hugely affected and displaced students at their sister-school, Kensington Aldridge Academy.

Aldridge Attributes: Creativity, Teamwork

Fruit Stall Twist – One Hour, One Idea, One Pitch

How do you sell an item, a piece of fruit in this case, which is not unique in itself and has no brand or packaging to encourage the buyer to purchase it? As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Team Academy students at BACA set out to work out how.

Year 12 & 13 students collaborated to set the task for 150 Key Stage 3 students, with the aim that those taking part would create something unique and innovative and transform that fruit into a best selling product or service.

The outcomes were extraordinary and were judged by the Year 12 & 13 students, with the winners getting the opportunity to continue their business ideas and have BACA Team Academy students as their mentors. First place was awarded to Year 8 students who designed a technique to create multi-coloured fruit, something which will be developed in future science lessons.

The creative ideas didn’t stop there with 2nd place being awarded to students who came up with the idea to create fruit infusions and the team placing 3rd designed fruity ‘scratch and sniff’ phone cover designs.

Aldridge Attributes: Problem-Solving, Creativity, Teamwork

Further My Future Careers Talk – New Apprenticeships Are Coming!

Local Brighton entrepreneur, Charles Gould, spoke to Brighton Aldridge Community Academy students about new apprenticeships in sectors like law, management and technology. Charles’ beliefs support the Aldridge vision as he firmly believes that every young person should have a real chance to further their future; be fuelled with ambition and be able to channel this energy towards a rewarding career.

Charles spoke about how this change towards apprenticeships should be driven by young people who need to tell employers what they need.

Aldridge Attributes: Determination, Risk-taking, Passion

Identity Workshop: Imagining Yourself as a Brand

Students were challenged to imagine themselves as brands and think about what they could use or do to illustrate themselves. This workshop allowed them to extend their knowledge while combining arts, crafts, technology, language and science. The workshop was run by David Allison, the founder of Exploring Senses – a community arts organisation located in BACA Creates.

Participants used 3D pens to experiment and explore what shapes may represent to them by creating logos. This required them to develop new technical skills and planning techniques whilst thinking creatively. The workshop highlighted the importance of being collaborative, confident, independent and self-aware.

Aldridge Attributes: Creativity, Teamwork


Tycoon in Schools – Launching Real Businesses

The week also saw five new businesses launched by DACA students for the Tycoon in Schools competition, a contest which last year 3 DACA students reached the final of.

The nationwide competition is run by BBC Dragon’s Den star Peter Jones CBE, and will see DACA students will go up against nearly 400 other businesses to win essential funding for their idea. This year DACA students businesses range from a colouring book to help those with mental health issues cope (Halcyon) to products for pets (Pawfect), recycled stationary storage and book marks (Nova Vita), vending machines loaded with stationary (Stationary Station) and ornamental cacti (Kings of Cacti).

Aldridge Attributes: Teamwork, Creativity, Determination

Other activities Aldridge students participated in for Global Entrepreneurship Week included:

  • Workshops where they considered traits needed for success and conducted market research to size up their business competitors
  • A workshop with the EY Foundation, who help young people find alternative routes into work and education, which focussed on employability skills
  • The GEW2017 Lions Lair competition where Team Academy students competed for investment for their businesses and received feedback from the Hive Business School, the Speech Bubble and Mike Ellacot
  • A workshop with Simon Iredale, Entrepreneur and CEO of Motionlab, who inspired students to come up with a range of new business ideas.

Michelle Billington, Assistant Principal at DACA, said:

“We are pleased to have celebrated Global Entrepreneurship week again this year. We enjoyed seeing our students, members of our local community and local businesses coming together”.