The Foundation focuses on delivering three core programmes for student enrichment: Inspire, Skill and Mobilise. As part of our Inspire programme, we aim to offer Opening Eyes experiences – to broaden world views, raise ambitions and encourage aspirations. Working with our family of schools, all situated in areas of extreme deprivation and disadvantage, we encourage and help to prepare young people to live the rewarding and productive lives that they choose.

The Dangoor Infinity programme is one of the fantastic trips provided by the British Exploring Society (BES), encouraging young people to push the boundaries of their everyday life and experience some life changing scenarios on these expeditions.

In the words of one of our participants:

“This was an absolute fantastic opportunity for me to experience, a truly once in a lifetime opportunity. I had the privilege of working alongside many like-minded individuals as well as people with disabilities. It meant that we had to work together as a team, to overcome obstacles such as walking through lava fields in rain or guide a visually impaired person up a mountain. I believe that personal development is a huge aspect of the expedition, as not only did it mean that some people had to go out of their comfort zone to achieve things they thought they never could, but it also meant that I had a wider understanding of the world around me and the opportunities that are out there for me.”

You can read the full impact report on this programme here.