Foundation Announces New Education Director

Date: August 24th 2015

The Aldridge Foundation has announced the appointment of Andrew Weymouth as it’s Director of Education, following the retirement of Chris Sunley.

Andrew has extensive experience in senior leadership roles in central government, local government, national agencies, independent consultancy, universities, teacher training and schools. An Education Adviser/Broker for the Department for Education he has served as Chief Executive of East London Academy of Arts and Music and as an Associate Headteacher of the New Horizons Learning Centre / SGEOTAS (PRU) in Bristol.

A subject specialist in mathematics, Andrew has taught extensively in schools, teacher training and universities up to Masters level. He has also led flagship national programmes for National Strategies including ICT across the Curriculum and Strengthening Pedagogy with ICT.

His work with the DfE as Education Adviser has encompassed responsibilities for Free Schools at various stages of development, Academy Brokerage, and working with leadership teams in Open Academies where progress has stalled to secure robust school improvement systems and positive outcomes. He has also worked in the Office of the Chief Adviser on School Standards and as School Standards Adviser/Tuition Adviser/Effective Practice Team Adviser within the DfE.

As Director of Education Andrew will be responsible for working alongside the Principals and teachers at the Foundation’s eleven sponsored and co-sponsored schools deliver collaborative approaches to outstanding leadership and continuous performance improvement in pursuit of the educational charity’s ambitious goal – that, “by the age of 25, all Aldridge graduates will have experienced an outstanding and enjoyable education and be able to sustain the life of their choice.”

He will also be supporting the development of ADA, the National College for Digital Skills, and will lead a team of Academic Partners and Leadership Directors with national credentials and strong links to the Department for Education, who are held accountable for performance as much as the academy staff.

Honor Wilson-Fletcher, chief executive of the Aldridge Foundation said; “Andrew has a strong background in school system improvement and pedagogy including developing reports and resources for national dissemination and publication. It’s a winning combination of theory and practice. He is developing an approach to educational improvement and capacity building with our principals that is central to our planning for the future and to the success of our students.  Andrew is hard-working, good-humoured and unshakeable about our core purpose. Finding an education leader with a specialism in maths just feels like the icing on the cake!”

Andrew Weymouth said: “I am excited and deeply privileged to be joining the Aldridge Foundation. The moral purpose, energy and commitment of the organisation to improve the life chances of all the youngsters across its schools is compelling and rewarding. I look forward to working with the Principals and the Aldridge team to respond to the challenge and ensure the high ambition of the Foundation is fully realised. This is a significant opportunity and I take up post with great enthusiasm, resolve and determination to make it succeed.”

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