Bailey’s Charity Push

Date: June 6th 2018

Bailey O’Hara, a Year 11 student at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, has been growing his hair for the last two years to raise money for the Little Princess Trust – who provide real hair wigs free of charge to children and young adults who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.

Bailey was inspired to act after finding out that when his Grandma was diagnosed with cancer, she hid her hair loss resulting from chemotherapy by wearing a wig. Bailey said: “When my Grandma was diagnosed with cancer she lost her hair but she wanted to make sure she felt and looked normal for me and my younger brother. She therefore started wearing wigs to help her regain her normality. I felt that it must be so difficult for an adult to go through this pain but it made me realise how especially difficult this must be for a child. I felt obliged to give back as I knew it would change a child’s life and make me feel like the person my Grandmother wanted me to be.”

Bailey will cut off his hair before Year 11 Prom on the 28th June, and donate it to be made into wigs for children. You can donate to his fundraising campaign at

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