Kensington Aldridge Academy Update

Date: June 29th 2017

Academy Principal David Benson has issued the following statement to parents this morning following the student assemblies held yesterday.

Thank you for all of your support since the terribly sad but very important assemblies we held yesterday. Whilst difficult, they were an important step in the grieving process, and will help us to now remember and celebrate the lives of those we have lost. Our school has been subdued but positive today, and students continue to show great resilience. Counselling, of course, continues wherever needed.

I also want to clarify that today’s Evening Standard has, unhelpfully and inaccurately, misreported the number of students we are missing. They have said it is seven but, as I am sure you know, it is actually five. The Evening Standard have corrected their report online and apologised to us, but cannot reprint the paper.

Please reassure your children that whilst it is extremely sad, the five students we talked about in assembly are the only ones that are missing. The last thing I want is to add, in any way, to the grief our community is feeling at this time.

The thoughts and sympathies of everyone at the Foundation are with the entire school community. Sir Rod Aldridge said:  “I would like to thank the staff at KAA who have been working tirelessly to support both students and the wider community. We are proud of the KAA students who have come together and shown great strength during this difficult time. We are also grateful to the local schools that have opened their doors to our students for lessons and exams.”

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