Students Learn Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success

Date: November 28th 2017

On the 16th November, the Guild of Entrepreneurs celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week with their ‘The Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success’ event at Pewterer’s Hall, London.

The words on the front of the brochure for the event “They Dared, They Created, They Succeeded, Here’s How…” really resonate with the Aldridge Foundation vision and attributes; its belief that entrepreneurial success is based upon risk-taking, creativity and determination as well as passion, problem-solving and teamwork.

Those in attendance included CEO Beki Martin, who was accompanied by five students from Duke’s Aldridge Academy and their teacher Mrs Bailey.

Master of the Guild, Kate Jolly, introduced an evening which proved to be inspiring, entertaining and thought provoking. Our own Founder, Sir Rod Aldridge, appeared via video to share his thoughts on his own entrepreneurial journey:

“When you look at the UK economy now, small businesses are a vital part of it and it’s very clear that more and more people want to start businesses, particularly young people. To encourage that we now have business pods being developed within all of those (Aldridge Education) academies where small teams can operate and develop businesses with support around marketing, technology and business planning.

So the transition from school life to business life is much easier and stimulates them to think about not waiting for a job but creating a job, which we think is pretty important in today’s environment.”

A panel, comprised of successful entrepreneurs Peter Hewitt, David Mellor, Major Patrick Swint, Gregg Wallace, Ben Camara, Paddy Willis and Emma Sinclair MBE, shared their experiences and were quizzed by Chair of the Panel, Jon Hammond, on their ‘If I’d Known Then What I Know Now’ insights.

Duke’s Aldridge Academy student, Victoria Szwed, answers a question from Chair of the Panel Jon Hammond

The undoubted star, when the time came for audience questions and comments, was Duke’s student Victoria Szwed. When asked by Jon Hammond about why she wanted to be an entrepreneur she answered “When you enter the working world, no matter who you work for you are set rules and boundaries, however as an entrepreneur you set your own boundaries and rules”. At the end of the evening the students were unanimous in the opinion that the event had made them more interested in being entrepreneurial in their career choices!

Photo’s credit: The Guild of Entrepreneurs © Jonathan Cherry

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