Name: Orlagh Tuite

Job Title: Management consultant.

My position in a nutshell… I help companies (from banks, to hotel chains, to government) solve problems or change the way they work. These companies come to a management consultancy because they want a different perspective and a different way of thinking.

How I got the job… I saw an advert in the newspaper, looking for people who were inquisitive and had good problem-solving skills, to apply to become a management consultant. It appealed to me because I didn’t need any specific qualifications – which is still the case today – and a lot of the training is done on the job. I spent about three months in training and then started working with clients.

My typical day… The job is quite varied because I’m working with a different client every 3-4 months but generally my time is spent talking to clients or working with my teams to ensure that we solve the problem and achieve the desired outcome within that timeframe. We usually have one or two client or team evening events per week, which is a great opportunity to get to know everyone in a more social environment.

My most memorable moment… I have lots, as every project that you do is delivering a memorable moment for a client,   but something I do a lot of work in is financial services, and helping to drive the changes in banking over the last 5-10 years, delivering apps and websites for banks so that customers – us – can do a lot more of our banking online.

The worst part of my job… Because I do a lot of work across many different clients, the hours can be long, however I can work flexibly and remotely. It can be quite intense when we are nearing the end of a project, but there is usually some downtime between projects.

The best part of my job… The variety of the people I get to work with; the businesses I get to understand; the teams; and the skills within those teams, that I get to lead. No day is the same – it’s amazing and it really keeps me on my toes.  

Advice / key skills needed for anyone wanting to become a management consultant… Although you don’t need any specific qualifications to become a Management Consultant you do need enthusiasm to want to get in, solve a problem and make a change, you need to be inquisitive and want to understand more about the different businesses that you’re working in and have the ability to build relationships with a wide variety of people.

What you can do right now to learn more about management consultancy… Do some research on the types of projects that management consultancies do – there is a lot of information available online. Also have a look on LinkedIn to see the types of jobs advertised and the skills they’re looking for, this will give you a good insight. You could also start thinking creatively in your day to day life – next time you are sitting in a restaurant or queuing in a post office, consider what could be done to improve the customer experience and make the process you’re going through more efficient.

Orlagh’s video is coming soon …..