Sir Rod’s investment to date of £10 million has had far-reaching effects, improving education and economic outcomes for people in struggling communities around the country. This is a strong start but our mission is to grow further.

We plan to transform more communities across Britain and improve the life chances of tens of thousands of young people. This will involve developing replicable, sustainable solutions, which will have an impact beyond the lifespan of our fundraising.

But we can’t do this alone.

If we are to achieve our objectives and continue to transform the lives of young people, we need your help. Opposite and overleaf we have outlined exactly what we intend to do next.

What we aim to achieve by 2022

10,000 young people in the most disadvantaged areas directly empowered to live and work in a more enterprising way – creating better futures for themselves and their communities.

To do this our work will focus on…

Raising Achievement

Preparing young people for an enterprising future.

This will involve developing our approach to working with schools, via Aldridge Education, and creating an even stronger evidence base for our enterprising education. We want to:

  • Encourage more students to deepen their enterprise skills by engaging specifically with Aldridge Creates. Our aim is to introduce 1,200 additional students to that programme
  • Upskill 1,000 more teachers, offering accredited training and embedding enterprise skills further. As part of this, we aim to see 50 more teachers achieve a postgraduate qualification in Team Academy coaching and facilitation
  • Create stronger links between business and education, confirming five national partnerships with major companies. These will provide engagement and experiences for students
  • Further develop Opening Eyes, our programme that gives students different experiences, away from their normal environments.

Finally, to create a solid evidence base for our work and the results achieved by this form of education, we will validate our approach through academic research in partnership with a leading entrepreneurial university.

Creating Aspiration

Nurturing of emerging entrepreneurs.

Having created enterprising mindsets, we want to ensure that student and community businesses have the support they need to thrive.

  • Create an entrepreneurship and enterprise centre at the University of the West of England (UWE). This will ensure that students continue to receive entrepreneurial training and encouragement. Deepening this relationship, we’ll aim to see 100 Aldridge students enrolled in summer schools at UWE
  • Open three new Aldridge Community Creates centres. These will act as satellites of existing Creates spaces in schools, enabling the Aldridge Creates start-up/scale-up programme to support at least 350 new businesses across four communities
  • Establish a Team Academy approach to delivering Entrepreneurial Apprenticeships. We expect 50 per cent of these young people to go on to run their own businesses and the other half to move into roles in entrepreneur-owned businesses.

Unlocking Ambitions

Utilise entrepreneurial solutions to break down barriers to social mobility. We believe everybody should have access to the same opportunities in life. To this end, we will take on projects which will enable greater social mobility in communities where it is traditionally low. The first two barriers we will overcome are to:

  • Tackle the problem of attracting and retaining the best maths teachers. Notably in schools where their talents are most needed
  • Establish PlayFair Maths programme. Place 30 teachers in state schools to increase numeracy skills, inspiring students and fellow teachers to reach their potential.

We will also identify further barriers young people face which we believe could be conquered by utilising our entrepreneurial approach.