Tom McCreadie – BACA

Passionate about cricket, Tom McCreadie joined BACA College after hearing about the Aldridge Cricket Academy programme. Based at the Sir Rod Aldridge Cricket Centre at BACA, the programme is a partnership with Sussex Cricket giving male and female cricketers the chance to develop sporting talent and academic qualifications together, rather than having to choose between the two.

Tom thought the idea of cricket alongside your academic studies sounded too good to be true, but after joining the academy, discovered that he was able to transfer skills he learned through cricket into his academic work. Not least good teamwork and leadership abilities encouraged through the Aldridge attributes fostered by the Academy.

“It definitely feels that you are not only able to work as a team but able to lead in the team as well. I found it very useful in terms of doing presentations and building confidence. Leading in a cricket team can also transfer to leading in a team while presenting.”

“It’s a small focused team and they will care for you a lot as long as you treat them the same, I think that’s really good, as when you leave for university or for a job, you know to treat people with respect and you will get that back”.

Tom also joined the Cricket Academy’s 2019 tour to Sri Lanka. Without the Academy he doesn’t believe this sort of chance would have been possible for him.

“My local club is a large one, they wouldn’t be able to specify just one of the teams to go on tour, so it was definitely a really good experience at. I have never been anywhere like there before. To go over there and experience life, but also get to play cricket five or six times was amazing, I loved it”.

Tom achieved triple Distinction* in Sport and Sports Science to secure his place at Durham University to study Sport and Exercise Science. He is determined to stay within the sporting field, supporting professional sports teams after his degree.

“I think if being a professional cricketer doesn’t work out, then I can be a physiotherapist or nutritionist for a professional sports team. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and very excited to be going to Durham University.