We are keen to work with individuals and organisations who would like to support us in our mission to provide all young people, irrespective of their backgrounds, with enriching experiences. Experiences that, alongside their academic learning, equip and enable them to raise their aspirations, improve their academic outcomes and create the rewarding and productive lives they choose – in further education, employment or self-employment in commercial, public or social enterprises.

In these challenging times we find ourselves in, your support is more valuable than ever.

With students now back at school, we are identifying and addressing the immediate needs of the young people we support, the extra services needed to re-settle them back into school life and to urgently address the widening achievement and life chances gap between young people in disadvantaged communities and their wealthier peers.

We are currently focussed on three key response areas:

  • ensuring equal access to digital distance learning,
  • the mental health and wellbeing of students and teachers
  • Covid-19 recovery – closing the learning gap.

But to deliver support in these additional areas, while still delivering our vital core programmes, we need to raise more funds.

We are currently seeking support in the following ways:

Laptops for learners

In case of required isolation or local or national lockdowns, we are also in need of further IT equipment and internet dongles to ensure all our young people have equal access to distance learning.

While the Government’s funding of equipment was welcome, it is not sufficient for schools with the high levels of disadvantage that we support. Our aim is to ensure that the most vulnerable do not fall further behind in their education and remain in a position to engage in distance learning and to achieve their potential.

We are seeking gifts and donations: laptops/tablets and dongles/mini portable web hubs or other solutions for distance schooling for homes with no equipment or internet connectivity. If your organisation refreshes their IT kit regularly, we would be keen to receive and refurbish any retired equipment. If you can help donate or advantageously supply equipment we would love you to get in touch. And, of course, any donations to help us purchase kit would be fantastic – you can make a donation by going to our How To Donate page. We will ensure the appropriate use and distribution of aid to those students most in need, across the school communities we support.

Give time and resources or share opportunities

We are working closely with the Aldridge schools to sign up as many of this year’s student leavers as possible to Aldridge Connect, our LinkedIn alumni group and support hub. We’ll be using the platform to share internships, job opportunities and online training courses, as well as helping young people to connect with mentors who can offer support and guidance as they navigate their way through further education, job interviews, or next steps in their career. We want to help young people build a supportive network and are looking for individuals or businesses who are able offer their time or opportunities.

Opportunities: Please get in-touch to share any work experience or training and employment opportunities. The young people we support are enthusiastic, skilled, hard-working and will bring a breadth of diverse perspectives to your organisation.    

Volunteers: We are also looking for volunteers to help inspire and inform our young people about the world of work and their potential place in it. Can you spare 10 minutes to create a ‘Day in the Life’ video – instructions here – or join an Industry Virtual Panel to showcase the jobs and industries our young people can explore and aspire to.

Mental Wellbeing Services – to ensure that staff and students feel comfortable in raising any anxieties or other mental health concerns; feel supported; and receive or are signposted to further support where needed. We have secured £90,370 to date, thanks to the generosity of Bridgepoint and Sussex Community Foundation to support our schools in London and Brighton. We are currently seeking additional funding of £70,880 to provide mental health and wellbeing services to support students and teachers in each of the Aldridge schools and colleges in the North West (Darwen and Salford).

Covid-19 Recovery: Saturday Schools – We are piloting Saturday schools, after school clubs and bespoke teaching and support and urgently need to raise funds to establish a full programme of Covid-19 recovery Saturday Schools across each of the 9 academies and colleges that we support. Young people in the disadvantaged communities we support have been disproportionately impacted by the effects of the pandemic and we are working tirelessly to ensure they receive the additional support they need and do not fall further behind in their studies. They deserve an equal chance at creating better lives for themselves. We are launching a campaign to raise c£3m to deliver the catch-up education and mental and physical health and well-being support that they need over the next 3 years.

Any contributions to this campaign and our other initiatives will be hugely appreciated and will make a real difference to young lives.

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