“The development of enterprising skills is as equally relevant to improving academic performance as it is to boosting employability and entrepreneurship. It opens minds that are potentially closed to learning and encourages students to believe that anything is possible.” 

Sir Rod Aldridge, OBE

The Aldridge Attributes

Supporting young people in developing these traits is central to the work of the Aldridge Foundation. We call them the Aldridge Attributes. These attributes should be actively developed and woven into the curriculum and enrichment activities, helping students develop the skills and mindset to work hard, aim high and flourish.

Problem solving

The ability to express and interpret challenges, concepts, thoughts, feelings, facts and opinions


The ability to look at things in a new way, and seek different solutions

Risk taking

Not being afraid to try something new or do something differently


The movement towards a goal, and resilience to difficulties along the way


The drive to achieve and succeed


A coordinated effort on the part of a team or in the interests of a common cause

Progress in developing the Aldridge Attributes is one of the ways we measure the impact our work has on the young people we support.

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