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Welcome to the Aldridge Foundation. We are a charity that supports social change and community regeneration through entrepreneurship. The prime focus of our work is in support of the communities where Aldridge Education (the Trust we established in 2016 which is responsible for the performance of Aldridge schools) and Aldridge Wealth (the Family’s investment arm which specialises in enabling ambitious entrepreneurs to accelerate their business growth) operate.

Sir Rod Aldridge launched the Foundation in 2006 after retiring from Capita Plc, the business he set up and which became one of this country’s most successful companies. Over 10 years we developed a family of sponsored non-selective community academy schools and colleges that have a strong focus on developing entrepreneurial skills and on rapidly improving the quality of education on offer in order to transform the life-chances of young people. In September 2016 we established Aldridge Education as a multi-academy trust which is now responsible for the performance of the schools.

The Foundation now focusses on creating social change and community regeneration opportunities through entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education to help young people to reach their potential and improve their communities.

OUR VISION is that, by creating opportunities and experiences for students and for members of the communities in which we work, those communities will benefit from increased social mobility, increased life chances and increased  economic growth.

We don’t think everyone should set up a business, although we want to help those that wish to. We do believe that an entrepreneurial mind-set gives people the life skills to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. We are seeking out innovative solutions to help more young people succeed, be ‘life ready’, ‘work ready’ and independent.”
Sir Rod Aldridge OBE, Founder

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