The new committee has been set up to provide insight into the current challenges and needs of young people, and what we, the Foundation, can do that would really make a difference.

The Aldridge Foundation is about creating brighter futures and giving every young person an equal chance to succeed. A big part of this is providing experiences and opportunities, and delivering initiatives, that help build important employability and life skills and raise aspirations. And, to do this well, we need to listen to the young people we support through our work.  

Anyone between years 8 and 13 and attending an Aldridge school or college could apply, all we asked was that they have a creative side, be eager to learn new things, enjoy a challenge, and feel confident enough to share their message – not just with their peers, but also with teachers, and people involved with the Foundation.

Meet the Aldridge Foundation Youth Advisory Committee:

Elliot – is in year 13, studying a triple BTEC in film and TV production and an A level in film studies.

“I’m very passionate about the world and what I can do to have a positive impact through the films I create. Having a position on the committee gives me the opportunity to make sure that everyone is getting a fair chance for their next steps, no matter where they come from and what opportunities they are given.”

Inumidun –is in year 10 and loves music, particularly playing the saxophone.

“Being a member of the Youth Committee and an Aldridge Foundation Ambassador is important to me because I have a platform in which I can share my ideas and for my voice to be heard. Not only does it benefit me, it also benefits people of my age group. I hope people will feel they can confide in me and that I am able to help them if they are facing a tough situation.”

Umair – is in year 12, studying IT technical, games design and A Level photography.

“Being on the Youth Committee and being an Aldridge Foundation Ambassador is important to me as I am passionate about being able to assist others in times when they need it, and being able to make a change where change is needed the most. I will listen to changes that need to be made and discuss those changes with the Foundation, to make a difference within our community and make sure our voices will be heard.”

Lucy – is in year 10 and dreams of being a farrier, in fact she’s already got herself an apprenticeship lined up after taking her GCSEs next year. “Being a member of the Youth Advisory Committee is important to me because I care very much about other people, particularly their mental health and I want to be able to support others. Also, it will help with my goal of becoming a farrier. I will be socialising with people, which will help build my own self-esteem and confidence.”

Molly – is in year 9 and hopes to combine her dream of being prime minister, with being part of a future space mission.

“I think I’d be a great member of the Aldridge Youth Committee because I am extremely passionate about everything I set my mind to. I will use this to lead, organise and help make a positive contribution to the community. I’ve been told I have an over-active imagination. I believe I can use this for good, and channel my creativity into new ideas.”

Daniel – is in year 13 studying history, maths, and computer science, and hopes to attend university to study politics, philosophy and economics.

“I want to help people and ensure the best outcomes possible – and in this role I hope I can help give students as many opportunities as possible to get ahead, through engagements and the plethora of events hosted and advertised by the Foundation, and by helping to bring attention to the amazing work the Foundation does in some of the most deprived areas of the UK.”

Archie – is in year 8 and is considering a future career as a chef, actor or singer.

“I have big aspirations for this world and really want to make a change. I am quite a bit younger than my fellow peers but I am confident I can put in some valuable ideas.”

Johansel – is in year 12 studying chemistry, biology and maths.

“In the future, one of my main aspirations is to become a doctor, as I enjoy helping people and changing this world for the better.

“I applied to join the Youth Advisory Committee because I am aware of the struggles young people are facing in this fast-changing world, such as the lack of opportunities available to some due to the global pandemic or other circumstances. I hope to be able to represent the youth voice and make sure we get heard!”

As committee members and ambassadors they will be representing other young people, helping us understand the support they need when it comes to preparing for their future and the world of work, challenging the Foundation’s current approaches and ways of working, and helping us to come up with new ideas.

We’re confident all of these young people will be amazing in their role and help shape the thinking and future of the Foundation.  

NB – We’ve also asked if they would write some blogs for us, so watch this space…