Name: Dan Bedi    

Job Title: Co- Founder & CEO of JAFA (Just A Fan’s Analysis) the digital home for sports fans opinion and debate and all the latest sports news and views at your fingertips. JAFA is an award winning platform helping fans cut through the noise and helping brands understand fans.

A short sentence summing up your position: When we first started out, it was all about getting JAFA’s name out there – I had to hustle. I tried to speak to as many people as possible and get them to download the App. We are now focusing on growing and scaling the app to ensure that we provide a good service from the fan insights to the organisations we serve.

I got the job… The Co-Founders and I were doing an MBA at university. We had this idea, it started off as a student project and then is started growing legs throughout the year and started getting interest from investors which helped move it forward. It was the World Cup the following summer, so we thought it’s a year of our lives, let’s give it a go!