Name: Louise Dutfield

Job Title: Florist – owner of Flowers by Louise

My position in a nutshell… I used to have a flower shop and, for the last three years, I have been freelance. I specialise in weddings, I do lots of workshops and I deliver gift bouquets to local clients.

How I got the job… I drifted through life doing various jobs, including a receptionist for a sports company, travel agent and working in a hotel – but all my jobs were very much dealing with people. I really enjoy traveling so I would tend to get a job, save up some money and book my next flight. I started working for someone else in a flower shop and discovered I was quite good at it and wanted to make a career out of it. I was introduced to everything I needed to know and the shop was left to me. That’s when I became a flower shop owner.

My typical day… There is no such thing as a typical day. I could be prepping for a wedding, running a workshop or creating vase arrangements to send out to clients. If I have none of those on, I will do some paperwork and get accounts up to date. As a freelance florist,  I have to be on top of every aspect – depending on the day, I could be ordering flowers, making up arrangements, speaking to clients, promoting myself on social media, booking vans for deliveries, updating my website, creating and thinking of ways to improve my business or looking for inspiration.

The worst part of my job… When I first started my job, the worst part was getting up at 4.30am to go to the flower market, but I now get inspiration from that and really value that time. Now there isn’t really a worst part of my job, I like all of it.

The best part of my job… Is seeing the look on people’s faces when I deliver my flowers to them, whether that be for someone’s birthday or on the morning of their wedding day. Also, receiving thank you letters from people and knowing I am making someone’s life a little bit better through my work.

Key skills to enter the world of Floristry… A passion for flowers, a passion for people and a love of weddings and events. You also need to be creative, have an eye for colour, taste, textures and an enjoyment of all those things.

Advice needed for anyone wanting to do something similar… Go online and follow as many florists as you can, converse with them, ask for advice. Pop into your local florist and ask for advice – most people are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience and give you hints and tips about the best way to start. Get a feel for what is out there and start building up your own portfolio. Take lots of pictures and post them online/send them to people. The best thing to do is to get out there and see where it leads.