As part of our Inspire programme, we aim to offer experiences that help to broaden world views, raise ambitions and encourage aspirations.

The British Exploring Society (BES) is a youth development charity, founded on the belief that challenging experiences can transform lives – the perfect partner to help us deliver our Inspire programme.

BES offers exciting experiences outside of the classroom, providing a unique opportunity for young people to go on an adventure, learn about the world and themselves, and build skills, such as teamwork, communication, and self-esteem. These experiential trips offer an alternative way for young people to develop the Aldridge Attributes.

If I were to say just one word to someone to describe the trip, it would be ‘life-changing’. And all I want to say to the people who made this expedition possible is thank you. Thank you for changing young people’s lives

Lauren Terry, Darwen Aldridge Community Academy student