Sir Rod Aldridge OBE

Sir Rod Aldridge OBE established the Aldridge Foundation in 2006 after retiring from Capita, a business he set up and which went on to become one the most successful companies in the UK. It is an entrepreneurial charity aimed at helping realise the Aldridge family mission to unlock growth through opportunity in the communities in which the Aldridge brands work.

The Foundation was set up to support the communities where Aldridge Education, the multi-academy trust responsible for the performance of Aldridge schools, and Aldridge Wealth, which helps entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their businesses, operate.

Sir Rod attributes his success in life to his confidence in taking the right kind of risks and not being frightened of failure. His view is that resilience, team work and creativity are characteristics of a genuine entrepreneur as they have helped him in every day of his working life. He believes that every young person can benefit from developing an entrepreneurial mindset as they grow up and it will prove to be a major asset in whatever path they choose to take in life.

The Aldridge Foundation creates social change and community regeneration opportunities through entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education to help young people to reach their potential and improve their communities.

Sir Rod believes that an entrepreneurial mindset isn’t just about setting up a business, although he emphasises that the Foundation wishes to help those who wish to do so. He thinks that such a mindset gives young people the life skills needed to achieve their dreams and take control of their life. Entrepreneurship also filters through to the team at the Foundation itself, who are unafraid to challenge conventional thinking and genuinely believe that there no limits to what people can achieve. He said that everyone at the Foundation want to keep learning, share what they have learnt with others and work in partnership locally and nationally to improves so many more peoples lives.

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