In 2016 the Foundation established Aldridge Education as a multi-academy trust responsible for the performance of Aldridge schools. We have privileged access to pilot, test and develop our programmes across the Aldridge family of schools in the North West, South East, and inner London.

These communities reflect the common characteristics of disadvantage that persist in the UK. All are suffering from lack of opportunity and economic disadvantage.

You can find details of all schools in the multi-academy trust, and those that Aldridge Education is a sponsor or partner of, on the Trust’s website or through the individual links below.

Darwen Aldridge Community Academy

Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio

Darwen Vale High School

Sudell Primary School


Kensington Aldridge Academy

Duke’s Aldridge Academy

Ada, the National College for Digital Skills

Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

Portslade Aldridge Community Academy